Fortnite vs. PUBG: Choosing Your Battle Royale

Cassie Sanchez


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Is PUBG better than Fortnite, or is it the other way out? If you are unsure which of the famous battle royale games to choose, read our detailed comparison.

PUBG vs. Fortnite Review

Both games have won the affection of PC and mobile players across the world, but which makes a better representation of the genre? Let’s consider the following aspects:

Visual Appeal

Graphics is one thing that makes the two games very different. The PUBG team took a more realistic approach, while Fortnite has juicy cartoon-like graphics that optimizes fairly well. The latter is a weak spot of PUBG. However, some people will love how 


The arena is much bigger in PUBG. There are two maps, one set on a non-existing Russian island and the other in a desert. Fortnite uses a simpler island map.

Both games enable you to drop off a transport for quick travel. The distance you can cover this way is much bigger in Fortnite, which adds to the game’s dynamic nature.

Shooting Controls

We find that shooting is way easier in Fortnite. It’s highly manageable but has casual feel about it, which might appeal to people who value a relaxed atmosphere. PUBG, however, is the more realistic option.


Both games have a similar gameplay, which has caused many people to ask what came out first, PUBG or Fortnite? Yet, the latter is more dynamic. The average game duration is shorter, and you can make use of the build mode to improve your chances while playing the battle royale.

PUBG has a considerably slower pace. The looting system is more complicated as it uses a backpack rather than a limited number of slots. The game has a less casual feel compared to Fortnite. 

Summing It Up

PUBG and Fortnite are two giants in the battle royale world, each with its army of fans. Chances are high that you’ve seen a PUBG vs. Fortnite meme on the web. While everyone talks about how similar the two are, they will appeal to different players.

Neither is particularly realistic, but PUBG has a lot more of this quality. This applies to graphics as well as looting. Unfortunately, the game is worse at optimization than Fortnite, which might limit its audience. It’s also relatively slow-paced and serious, with a focus on shooting.

Fortnite is a more casual, light-hearted version of battle royale. It has a lot to offer to relaxed players who love building.

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