Top 5 New Apps of Summer 2020

Warren Santos


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Welcome to our new apps top for this summer. We’ll tell you about the five most promising applications that have been released since June (and how to enjoy them).

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New Apps to Get This Summer

Our top new apps 2020 list includes software products for various platforms and purposes, so be sure to choose those that fit your phone.

1. Health Sync

Health Synch is an Android application that will synchronize all the different health applications that we have on our devices as well as health services, from Garmin to Fitbit to Samsung Health and many more. No more disintegrated data. You can use data generated by a certain app in others, in particular replacing the latter’s values, which gives you a lot of flexibility.

This is not a free application, but it has a big potential of saving your phone memory.

2. ARCore Depth Lab

ARCore Depth Lab (free) is another promising Android app to get this summer. It enables you to explore augmented reality. You can use the app to watch custom effects in your settings, such as see a snowfall in your house.

This is not for everyone, but people who are interested in AR will love this opportunity. Besides, it’s free!

3. Mextures

Mextures is a paid iPhone app that brings photo editing to a new level.

The powerful editing tool offers an unlimited number of layers with effects such as light leaks, gradients, grit, and much, much more. Opacity can be fine-tuned for optimum blending of layers. This provides for virtually any degree of subtlety.

4. KineMaster

KineMaster (free) is an extremely powerful Android video editor that combines a broad range of capabilities with highly intuitive interface. It deserves to be on the summer apps list as it will surely liven up your holiday footage.

Apart from a variety of visual and sound filters and overlays such as stickers and captions, this application offers trimming options, speed adjustment, and more. These functions are all available to free users. However, the result will bear a watermark. If you want to use the videos commercially, you’ll have to buy a monthly subscription.

5. Halide

Halide stands out among other iPhone photo apps in that it simplifies the process rather than adding a lot of functionality. The paid application offers you an authentic photographing experience. What it does is provide for focus and exposure fine-tuning as well as a contrast highlight tool, with visual aids to make the process easier.

We recommend this app if you’re tired of ready-made solutions such as stickers and filters.

Summing It Up

2020 has brought about quite some amazing apps. We could even make a top 5 best news apps list featuring the best tools to keep you updated, but decided to show you a broader picture instead. From health apps to media editing tools, choose whatever you need for a perfect summer!

Have you already discovered a cool app this summer? Please share!